What's New

Obeo SmartEA 3.1


More visual representations

This new version allows you to create even more visual graphical representations. It enables you to better communicate with your team and the other stakeholders of your entreprise transformation projects

In addition to natively support standard shapes defined by the ArchiMate® norm, ObeoSmartEA 3.1 now gives you the possibility to create your own image library to enrich your graphical representations.





A better management of branches

This new version facilitates the management of your different architecture versions. Now each branch can more easily be renamed or deleted.




Other improvements

Obeo SmartEA 3.1 offers many other improvements:


Starter project

In addition to the Voyage Discount sample project, which describes a fictious travel agency, Obeo SmartEA 3.1 comes with an empty Sandbox project that allows you to easily start your own modeling from a blank page.




Full screen mode on published representations

When viewing a published representation, a new "Full screen" option has been added to optimize the display zone and allow a better visualization of large diagrams.




Diagrams extension

A new extension mechanism has been added to facilitate the customization of diagrams.

Now, you can add layers to optionally display additional information on the same diagram (decorators, conditional colors, label changes, etc).

Several layers have been added to the evaluation version. For example to display a decorator on objects which documentation field has been set.




Initialization of a new project

When creating new projects, it is possible to specify a pre-existing model from which these new projects will be automatically initialized. It is very useful when you have already modelized elements that you consider stable enough to be systematically reused from one project to another.

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