What's New

Obeo SmartEA 2.0

With this version, Obeo SmartEA gets a new look!

What you will notice first, when launching Obeo SmartEA 2.0, is the new logo, more modern and in coherence with the new Obeo corporate logo.


But behind this symbolic evolution you will find deeper changes:

Above all, SmartEA 2.0 now uses Eclipse Sirius, the Open Source leading technology to create visual custom representations. With Sirius 3.1, your Obeo SmartEA diagrams get higher performance and maintainability.

The complete list of SmartEA 2.0 changes can be found in the change log

Graphical improvements

The user can understand the informations at first glance, and more easily navigate through the repository thanks to a complete redesign and harmonisation of TOGAF metamodel icons (originally supplied), with a colour palette dedicated to each architecture layer.


Diagrams have totally been revamped to take into account these new colours and to be able to use more pictures, especially for objects without any sub-element.

TOGAF diagram

We took advantage of this opportunity to modernize the product colours and icons, to get an harmonious result.

TOGAF dashboard

Advanced search

To easily find objects from the repository regarding the value of their attributes, a new way to make a research is available.

Now, the user can select a new type of object and define his research criteria on the attributes values. Specific operators are provided depending on the type of each attribute (text, number, date).

Advanced search in TOGAF repository

Each research can be bookmarked, and reused later.

Online edition of the repository

You can modify an object directly from the web client: on an object details page, access to an online edition area by clicking on the little pencil which appears on the right, next to the attribute’s value.

Web edition of TOGAF repository

Online edition could be limited to specific users (use the “XXX” feature in the prism definition).

Copy and synchronisation of representations

With Obeo SmartEA 2.0, is it now possible to duplicate a representation.

Either on the same branch, for instance to elaborate an alternative version of a diagram.

Duplication of TOGAF artifact

Or on another branch, by using an artifacts merging feature from the branches tree.

Merge of TOGAF artifact

This way, it’s possible to publish a new artifact on a branch previously created.

Copy of TOGAF artifact

If this artifact has already been created on the second branch, you can make a synchronization by copying the current branch version on the second one. As a consequence, you will get the last changes or choose to go back to the previous version.

Update of TOGAF artifact

Repository administration

Repository administration features have been enhanced and gathered in a new webpage for an easier management of the Obeo SmartEA repository, its different projects, and their branches.

For each project, on the Admin page, you can export (or reimport) all the data, rebuild the index (research, identifying information, representations) and check the whole coherence of the repository.

Repository administration

Inside one project, for each branch, SmartEA let you manage the different type of data: semantic items, tags, requirements, representations, etc.

Branch administration

Moving to Sirius

Jusqu’à maintenant basée sur Obeo Designer 6.2, la gestion des représentations (diagrammes, catalogues et matrices) s’appuie désormais sur Obeo Designer 8.1 et donc sur Sirius 3.1.


Obeo SmartEA benefits from all the improvements, including ergonomics, provided by this technology since it is Open Source:

    • possibility to manage your graphical elements into compartments,
    • attachment of links to the border of SVG images,
    • new features to get all the diagram elements aligned,
    • possibility to customize all the borders style,
    • etc.

Obeo SmartEA also benefits from the work that has been conducted on the technology core to make it more stable, faster and able to handle much larger models.

Finally, thanks to Sirius, it is now possible to set up your diagrams with AQL, a new query language that dramatically improves scalability, performance, and maintainability of your graphical representations.

Take a look to the new and noteworthy features of previous version.

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