Shared repository

Shared repository

Obeo SmartEA is based on a common repository shared by all members of an Enterprise Architecture project.

Access to the repository is secured via configurable user profiles. User access rights can be individually defined for specific types of information, views and functionalities.

Once connected, users can access different versions of the same architecture (e.g. different Information System development scenarios).

Web Client

Web client

The Obeo SmartEA repository can be accessed via a web client.

The web client allows users to browse the entire repository (depending on their access rights) and display corresponding views (diagrams, tables, matrices).

Obeo SmartEA also offers advanced features to browse the repository contents (dashboard, search engine, bookmarks, landscape view, activity stream, etc.).

Archimate support

Support of Archimate 3.0

Obeo SmartEA is based on standards such as Togaf and Archimate.

Approximately thirty dedicated built-in views (diagrams, matrices, catalogs) can be used to model the different layers of an Enterprise Architecture (business, information systems, technologies).

Other frameworks such as BPMN are also supported with dedicated metamodels and views.

Standards support

Customization and extensibility

The built-in metamodel and views can be modified, extended or replaced to suit your particular context.

Obeo SmartEA natively relies on EMF and Sirius, the reference open source technologies for the definition of metamodels and the creation of custom modeling representations.

It allows you to create diagrams that perfectly fit what your audience is used to understand and communicate with.

Standards support

Automated data federation

External data sources, that reflect the real state of the enterprise’s architecture, can be automatically and periodically imported.

For each kind of data source, Obeo SmartEA's open APIs allows you to develop the connector that will populate the repository according to your needs.

Many other automated tasks, can also be added to perform on-demand operations on the repository contents.

Collaborative modeling

Collaborative modeling

Obeo SmartEA allows several architects to work on the repository in a concurrent and consistent manner.

Collaborative work is very agile. Modified items are locked during editing and automatically unlocked when saved, and these changes are immediately visible to other users.

Branch comparison and merging

Branch comparison and merging

To facilitate the definition of transformation trajectories, Obeo SmartEA includes a branch comparison and merging feature allowing you to work simultaneously on different versions of the same architecture.

At any moment, you can switch to a specific branch, compare it with other branches, and even merge it with existing branches to integrate all changes made thereto.

Impact and gap analysis

Impact and gap analysis

The architectures defined with Obeo SmartEA can be analyzed to facilitate the development of a transformation trajectory.

  • Impact analysis: Detection of items impacted by an architecture modification
  • Gap analysis: Comparison between current and future states of an architecture
Advanced search

Advanced search

Repository elements can be easily found thanks to an advanced search feature.

It allows the user to select an object type and to define search criteria based on the attributes. Specific operators are proposed depending on the type of each attribute.

Architecture validation

Architectures Validation

Validation rules can be defined to check the contents of the repository.

Result of a validation can be saved in order to follow the correctness evolution of the repository.