Online Demo

Evaluate Obeo SmartEA with no installation required

The Online Demo provides a read-only web access to a sample EA repository.

It contains an ArchiMate model in french describing the enterprise architecture of a fictitious travel company.

Thanks to this Online Demo, you can:

  • browse the repository
  • open representations (diagrams, catalogs, and matrices)
  • compare branches

Simply use your web browser to evaluate Obeo SmartEA!

Request an access (in french)

How to connect?

The online demo provides a read-only web access to a sample repository (in french). Please connect by using the credentials of this user:

Bernard Lacroix

Alexandre Fontaine

Alexandre is an Enterprise Architect. His mission is to describe how the enterprise operates, develop target architectures that address the enterprise needs and identify candidate roadmaps to achieve a successful transformation. He can access to the whole repository and use the Business, Information System et Technology viewpoints (prisms). To perform modifications, he will use Obeo SmartEA Modeler edition (rich client).

login = afontaine / password = 123