Change Log

Obeo SmartEA 6.0.0 (30/04/2020)       

  • From the main administration page, it is now possible to see the list of all connected modelers, and to deconnect a particular connected one.
  • Possibility to add LDAP and AD groups in profiles.yml.
  • UX improvements of the images libraries from the modeler.
  • Possibility to edit the users configuration files (users.yml et profiles.yml) from the web browser. The editor is accessible from the administration page. It validates the configuration files before saving.
  • Computed cells of SmartEA Requests and properties in the showObject page of type TEXT & TEXTAREA and that contain URLs can now be navigated.
  • ArchiMate module:
    • Support of Archimate 3.1.0.
    • Import/export from/to a file in the standard ArchiMate exchange format.
    • Relations thickness in ArchiMate diagrams can now be modified.
  • BPMN module (version 4.0.3) :
    • A corridor can no longer be created on a participant.
    • Icon of Start Events has now a simple circle as specified in BPMN.
    • Icon of Border State Events in sub-processes has now a simple circle as specified in BPMN.
    • New decorators for Compensation, Looping, Multiple Instance, Parallel Multiple Instance.
    • Support of events with or without interruption on activities and sub-processes.
  • Upgrade to Obeo Designer Team 11.1.3
  • Upgrade to M2Doc 3.0.0

Obeo SmartEA 5.0.3 (24/02/2020)       

  • Bug fix related to the disappearance of edges on the ArchiMate diagram.

Obeo SmartEA 5.0.2 (14/02/2020)       

  • Enhancements:
    • New navigable links: http link in a Smart Request, or property on the details page can be navigated.
    • Diagram publication: new button on the publication page of a diagram to retrieve the image's URL (to facilitate the integration with a third-party application).
    • BPMN Modeler: support of drag&drop of DataInput and DataOutput objects between Lanes.
  • Fixes:
    • Various fixes on the Deatils Page and the Representation Index.
    • Various fixes on the Data Dictionnary.

Obeo SmartEA 5.0.1 (04/12/2019)       

  • Synchronized representations:
    • New diagram "Node impacts"
    • New matrix "Applications - Nodes"
    • Update of diagram "Communication between applications"
  • Brand new version of "Voyage Discount" sample model

Obeo SmartEA 5.0.0 (31/10/2019)       

  • New feature to define access rights on folders.
  • New “Impact Analysis” view in the rich client.
  • New Data Dictionnary
  • New images library (Orion) and possibility for the user to define his own images libraries.
  • Enhancements of ArchiMate diagram:
    • New Graphical Annotations
    • Possibility to extract labels from graphical nodes
    • New menu to open/close rich client views
    • Improvement of the way an image can be set to a graphical node 
  • New dashboard widgets
    • "Full Size Artifact"
    • "Favorites"
  • Drag and drop from Representation Index view to a diagram
  • Visualization of differences between two versions of a diagram
  • Synchronization option between Model Explorer and Diagram in the web client
  • Toolbar refactoring
  • Possibility to activate SSL between the modeler and the server
  • Upgrade of Jetty version (9.4.21)

Obeo SmartEA 4.2.0 (04/09/2019)       

  • Evolutions of RGPD module : new attributes
  • Integration of a new data designer (entities, attributes, relations)

Obeo SmartEA 4.1.1 (09/07/2019)       

  • Bugs fixes:
    • Mass publishing of artifacts without representations
    • Excel export of cells containing a tool long text
    • [BPMN] Creation of a Message Flow directly connecting two Participants
    • [BPMN] Activation of Link to an existing process tool from the palette on non valid elements

Obeo SmartEA 4.1.0 (17/06/2019)       

  • Evolutions of BPMN modeling tool :
    • Distinction between Process and Collaboration diagrams
    • Bug fixes
  • Support of ArchiMate 3.0.1

Obeo SmartEA 4.0.4 (25/04/2019)

  • Bug fixes related to catalogs edition

Obeo SmartEA 4.0.3 (30/01/2019)         

  • Bug fixes
    • Diagrams publication
      • visibility of locks
      • moving the cursor on a published diagram
    • Diagram edition
      • problems with the selection of "linked objects"
    • SmartRequest
      • error while loading a SmartRequest
    • Projects selection menu
      • visibility of non accessible projects
  • Integration of
    • Sirius 5.1.4
    • Obeo Designer Team 10.1.4

Obeo SmartEA 4.0.2 (11/12/2018)         

  • Bug fixes.
  • M2Doc 2.0.1.
  • Obeo Designer Team 10.1.3.
  • Reworking of the Gap Analysis page.
  • User statistics.

Obeo SmartEA 4.0.1 (15/10/2018)         

  • Bug fixes
  • ArchiMate Module:
    • Smart Designer:
      • Bold style for the label of the ArchiMate elements.
      • Orthogonal routing for the relationships.

Obeo SmartEA 4.0.0 (28/09/2018)         

  • Model Explorer n the web client
  • Relations between ArchiMate and BPMN model elements
  • More precise gap analysis
  • Excel import/export of relations
  • RGPD extension
  • Link to external resources
  • Documentation of a diagram on its details page
  • Lightening of ArchiMate colors on diagrams
  • Better integration of M2Doc
  • Enhancement of LDAP support
  • Active Director support
  • Modernization of the technical prerequisites
    • Java 8
    • PostgreSQL 10
    • Eclipse Sirius 5.1

Obeo SmartEA 3.1.1 (28/06/2018)         

  • Introduction of RGPD module (experimental)
  • Bug fixes (reconnection)

Obeo SmartEA 3.1.0 (13/10/2017)         

  • Import of images into a library shared by all branches
  • Access to this library from:
    • the properties view of a graphical object
    • the ArchiMate configuration of default shapes
  • Full screen mode on a published diagram
  • Enhancement of branches management
    • renaming
    • deletion
  • Possibility to use the Diagram Extension mechanism provided by Sirius
  • Possibility to automatically pre-initialize a new project
  • Sandbox project pre-installed on evaluation version:

Obeo SmartEA 3.0.2 (16/06/2017)       

  • Bug fixes (reconnection)

Obeo SmartEA 3.0.1 (28/04/2017)

  • Bug fixes (merging)

Obeo SmartEA 3.0.0 (07/04/2017)

  • Support of Archimate 3.0
  • New Views
    • Model Explorer
    • Navigator View
    • Hints View
  • Other UI enhancements
    • New Merge button on Comparison report
    • Display the number of objects pointed by a derived relation
    • Display the artifact’s context on the artifact’s page
    • Possibility to navigate from one representation to another
    • Possibility to customize the number of relations shown on the details page diagram
    • Computed default name for Sirius artifacts
  • Possibility to import files
  • New Excel import managing tabs
  • OCL completion on charts and validation rules definition
  • Repository storage of project’s preferences
  • New generic Folder concept to group objects and artifacts
  • New bundle Developer including Obeo SmartEA SDK and Obeo Designer Team
  • Support of Eclipse Sirius 4.1 and Obeo Designer Team 9.1.

Obeo SmartEA 2.0.4 (22/08/2016)

  • Possibility to navigate and create Sirius representations from a Sirius editor
  • Bug fixes

Obeo SmartEA 2.0.3 (22/04/2016)   

  • Bug fixes

Obeo SmartEA 2.0.2 (18/03/2016)

  • Replacement of the "Federation" page by a "Runnable tasks" page

Obeo SmartEA 2.0.1 (04/03/2016)

  • New product logo
  • New Admin page to manage resources
  • French version of TOGAF metamodel
  • Use of labels defined on the .edit plug-in of the metamodel (Ecore classes, features and references)
  • Features leaving beta status:
    • Advanced Search
    • Attributes Web Edition
    • Artifact Merge
  • Bug fixes

Obeo SmartEA 2.0.0 (20/11/2015)

  • Look and feel improvements of common UI (colors, menus, icons, ...)
  • Look and feel improvements of TOGAF metamodel and diagrams (icons, colors, tools)
  • Migration from Obeo Designer 6.2 to Sirius 3.1
  • Simplification of Smart Designer's palette
  • Tables and matrices
    • Replacement of the filter option by a search option
    • Possibility to expand/collapse lines (navigation moved to contextual menu)
  • Properties View in the RCP client now opened on-demand
  • API to access to the session from a RCP client
  • Client notification of server stop
  • Possibility to define a specific logo for a project
  • Stable URL for details page (between Export and Import)
  • Logo on Voyage Discount sample
  • New beta features:
    • Mass diagrams update
    • Excel import/export
  • Bug fixes

Obeo SmartEA 1.5.4 (27/02/2015)

  • Artifacts can be copied and merged from one branch to another (Beta)
  • Improvement of the inverse relations management
  • Possibility to import/export a project (Beta)
  • Improvement of TOGAF Smart Designer (delete, drag&drop, edges)
  • Improvement of automatic diagram layout features (Beta)
  • Integration by default of BPMN 2.0 (Beta)
  • New option "Fit to size" when publishing a diagram
  • New menu "Select" to facilitate the selection of representations in the Prism editor
  • To facilitate comparison and merge between branches, now each metamodel type (EClass) must declare one of its attributes as an EMF ID (6th property in the EMF properties view). This modification has been done to the TOGAF metamodel provided with the evaluation version (Beta)
  • Automatic publication bugs fixes
  • Java validation bugs fixes
  • Support of Mac OS
  • Support of MySQL

Obeo SmartEA 1.5.3 (6/11/2014)

  • Oracle support

Obeo SmartEA 1.5.2 (13/10/2014)

  • URL saving between two connections to Obeo SmartEA
  • New option to display the second level of a landscape
  • New option to hide empty relations on the details page
  • New prism feature to edit eattributes and tags with the web client (Beta)
  • 30 bug fixes.

Obeo SmartEA 1.5.1 (13/06/2014)

  • Progress-bar during modeler version automatic update.
  • Landscape Tags available for details page, validation queries and dashboard widgets.
  • Landscape Tags and Requirements available for search engine.
  • Possibility to log branch comparison reports.
  • Possibility to write validation rules in Java. (Beta)
  • Details page improvements
    • References containing more than 14 objects are not displayed.
    • Decorations to indicate uni-directional, bi-directional and composition relations.
    • Inverse uni-directional relations added to the 'References' section.
  • Performance improvements
  • Refactoring of the Voyage Discount sample.

Obeo SmartEA 1.5.0(24/03/2014)

  • Artifacts management
    • Possibility to export Excel documents from requests on the repository
    • Regrouping excel exports, smart diagrams, predefined diagrams, catalogs and matrices into a single artifacts list on the home page and the details page
    • Possibility to instantiate the same diagram several times for a model element
    • Possibility to create smart diagrams on any model element
  • GUI Improvements
    • Displaying related representations on the details page
    • Auto-selecting new element created in a catalog
    • Automatic unfolding first level of catalogs containing only one root
    • Auto-selecting last used branch after connection
    • Facility to set tags to multiple objects at once
    • Option to display empty attributes on details page
    • Displaying branches name when merging
    • New buttons to manage cart elements
    • Published representations improvements: default width, zooming, unpublishing
    • Breadcrumb on details page
    • Bookmark management improvements
  • Prisms Management
    • Disconnecting habilitation between branches creation and branches usage
    • Ability to define the default selected references displayed on the objects details page
    • Ability to define the references and attributes order displayed on the objects details page
  • Togaf
    • Class Diagram: Relation "relates to" becomes oriented
    • Functional Decomposition Diagram : Possibility of creating a Function independently of an Organization Unit
    • Event Diagram : Improvement of the relation « preceeds process»
  • Search
    • Possibility to show the context of each found object
    • Better position of search options
  • Ability to customize objects labels from the server side
  • Xulrunner is now integrated with the Windows edition of the Modeler

Obeo SmartEA 1.4.0(07/10/2013)

  • Federation
  • Eclipse editors
    • Bookmarks on Eclipse editors (diagram edition, matrix edition, comparison editor, etc)
    • Drag & drop in the landscape editor
    • Drag & drop in the dashboard editor
    • Contextuel in Eclipse editors to open the representations index
    • Use-Case diagram allows to represent Roles and Business Functions
  • Impact analysis
  • Free diagrams
  • UI
    • Reorganization of admin menus
    • Renaming of UI labels
    • Auto adapt search : add left wildcard case
    • Attached points between objects are centered in the Details Page
    • New dashboard widget to describe the current prism
    • New dashboard widget to list specific representations
    • Systematic order of representations in the "Representation Index" Dashboard widget
    • The "Representation Index" widget uses Prisms data
    • Upgrade of Obeo Designer to 6.1.2
    • Improved license management (generation and installation)
    • Corrections in the TOGAF ACF metamodel to match the standard definition
    • Automatic download of new Modeler versions from the Server
    • Performance improvements

Obeo SmartEA 1.3.0(04/06/2013)

  • Home page
    • Home page can be configured as a dashboard with optional widgets
    • Activity Stream becomes a widget
    • List of Free Diagrams becomes a widget
    • List of representations becomes a widget
    • The collapsible behavior of the representations list widget is parametrizable
    • Customizable charts (pie, barchart, …) can be used as widgets
    • Improved user perception to display the homepage at startup
  • Branches management
    • Graphical representation of branches tree
    • Possibility to delete branches from any branch
    • Possibility to remove branches
  • Representations management
    • Contextual view to display related objects and representations
    • Publication of requirements representations
    • Representations are integrated in repository imports and exports
    • CSV export of catalogs
    • Containers used in landscapes can be defined with queries
    • Filtering of elements which can be tagged
  • Free diagram
    • Multi-levels selection of objects in the « Select objects » wizard
    • New contextual menu "Connected objects"
    • Direct edit on model elements
    • Possibility to delete semantic elements
  • Detail page of a model element
    • Reduction of the labels size on the relations graph
    • Lists of the representations where the current element is visible
  • Textual search
    • Possibility to search with the types name
    • Possibility to search with the attributes content
    • Possibility to search with the object's ID (ex : "id:2380")
    • Possibility to search with an OCL expression (ex : "ocl:BusinessService.allInstances()")
    • Improved display of search results
    • Improved search reliability
  • Users and prisms management
    • Prisms management functionality can be allowed by a prism
    • Open LDAP authentication
    • List of the users connected with the modeler
  • Miscellaneous
    • Possibility to define the format of attributes in the metamodel
    • Improved bookmarks management
    • Possibility to clear validation report history items
    • Administration menu refactoring
    • SSO access
    • Support of Internet Explorer 8
    • Possibility to connect to an external CDO repository

Obeo SmartEA 1.2.0(16/03/2013)